Emerald Cup 2018 Winners and Where to Buy Them

The world’s Academy Awards of cannabis—The Emerald Cup 2018—concluded near San Francisco, CA. Sunday afternoon. Now begins your chance to scoop up the state’s most award-winning buds all through the holiday. Read below for the locations of California’s best flowers, edibles, and extracts—as judged by industry experts at the Cup. Cannabis is legal in California […]

New York City Cannabis Arrests Nosedive 97%

Just 151 unlucky souls got arrested for low-level marijuana possession in the city of New York this September—as cannabis law reforms begin to take hold in Gotham. Earlier today, the group Drug Policy Alliance released new crime statistics from New York City, where marijuana arrests peaked in 2010. More than 4,300 people got popped for […]

Willie Nelson to Appear at This Year’s Emerald Cup

Outlaw country legend Willie Nelson will join his outlaw farmer brethren in California’s famed Wine Country this December for one heck of a hootenanny. This morning promoters for the world’s largest outdoor organic cannabis competition, The Emerald Cup, announced that the grammy-winning superstar marijuana lover will receive a lifetime achievement award and play a few […]

California Voters Advance Pro-Cannabis Governor, New Taxes

California cannabis promises to become more available and normalized thanks to the 2018 midterm elections in the Golden State. “I think we’re in the midst of a cultural shift. Having more pro-cannabis governors is going to drive the conversation on a national level … Josh Drayton, California Cannabis Industry Association Voters on Tuesday handed out […]

Missouri Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. What’s Next?

Missouri voters enacted medical cannabis legalization through Amendment 2 Tuesday night, driving the issue deep into its final US battlegrounds—the Midwest and South. Amendment 2 passed with 61% of the vote. The strange election saw three medical cannabis legalization measures, two of which voters rejected. Amendment 3 failed, 30% yes to 69% no Tuesday night, […]

Mexico’s Revolutionary Ruling: How Human Rights Law Defeated Reefer Madness

Earlier this week Mexico’s Supreme Court issued a fifth and binding decision that cannabis prohibition violates the country’s constitution. In theory, cannabis decriminalization is the law in Mexico. A conviction for personal use will not be upheld in the country’s highest court. In practice, local police officers have wide discretion in law enforcement, so don’t […]

World’s Largest Cannabis Mega-Store Splashes Down in Las Vegas

Planet 13, the world’s largest retail cannabis store, opened to a celebrity, industry, and politician-packed crowd of VIPs Tuesday night in Las Vegas. Money Mayweather and Mike Tyson checked out the $7.5 million superstore—’Amsterdam on steroids.’ Boxers Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson topped a guest list including Nevada state gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak, state Sen. […]

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